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Perfect Tourism And Management Sdn Bhd offers multiple short courses to help you business bloom. These short courses will indeed benefit your business in the long run.




The We Are The Host (WATH) course is planned with the aim of producing and retaining a competent tourism industry work force that is capable of providing customer service of world-class standards.

Providing friendly service is essential to create a good and lasting impression on customers. Previously known as Mesra Malaysia course, WATH encourages Malaysians to constantly extend quality customer service and to treat customers in a polite, amiable and professional manner at all times.

This one-day seminar is open to tourism training institutions, front liners, tour companies, hotel and resort operators, tourism and hospitality students etc.

This course conducted by instructors who are specially trained by Ministry Of Tourism of Malaysia and Culture (MOTAC)

At the end of the one-day course, each participant will be given a Mesra Malaysia Certificate from Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia and Culture.

Course Fee: RM150.00 / person
Trainer: Encik Muhammad Zukni

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This Induction Course is an introductory course for any personnel who is directly involved in the training field operated by Accredited Centres endorsed by Department of Skills Development (JPK) to provide training to:

  • Unemployed graduates
  • Employers who want to upgrade their skills

There are several Induction Courses provided :

  • Kursus Induksi Pentauliahan (KIP)
  • Kursus Induksi PPL (KIPPL)
  • Kursus Induksi PP-PPT (KIPP-PPT)
  • Kursus Induksi PPL-PPT (KIPPL-PPT)
  • Kursus Induksi DSE (KIP-DSE)




This is an introduction course towards the implementation of commissioning system operated at Accredited Centres conducting Skills Training Programs under the supervision of Department of Skills Development (JPK)


Kursus Induksi Pentauliahan is a condition set by JPK for every personnel who is directly involved in the implementation of any skills training programs regulated by them.


Personnel that could participate are:


  • Pengurus Pusat Bertauliah
  • Pegawai Pengesah Dalaman
  • Pegawai Penilai Pengawai
  • Pengesahan Luaran Course


Duration: 2 Days
Fee: RM400.00


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Feel free to give us a call for more information and don't forget stay tuned with us for any updates regarding this course.


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For more information feel free to give us a call and stay also tuned for any updates regarding our up coming language courses.


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For more information feel free to give us a call don't forget to stay tuned with us for any updates regarding this course.


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